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Mango Butter Bun

Mango Butter Bun

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Malie Organics

Malie’s Organic Mango Butter Bun is the ultimate skin moisturizer to indulge in. The organic blend of mango and cocoa butters with vitamin E and turmeric will repair and protect the skin, leaving a silky, beautiful, golden glow. It protects your sun kissed tan while repairing sunburns, and preventing your skin from peeling. The light and fruity scent of mango nectar carry the essence of summer in its subtle sweetness. Experience the exotic aroma of this coveted super-fruit and venture to the tropics.

• 70% Organic
• Vegan
• Never tests on animals
• Paraben, petroleum, and sulfate free
• Helps to heal and prevent sun damage
• All skin types
• 5 oz