Spreading Love Program

Rozah is a new ladies retail store that was started in Edmonton by a group of sisters that have lived the majority of their lives in Edmonton.  Rozah is now ran and fully owned by one sister that feels very passionate about bringing beautiful clothes to Edmonton and really searching and striving to bring in sizing for all body sizes and to also ensure the clothing is made ethically to the best we can find.  Rozah was started with love and strives to spread the love. 

Rozah first opened in the fall of 2018 and with opening day has taken a portion of the proceeds and given back to a local womens shelter as well as other charitable groups.

Rozah has also been involved in multiple local charity events throughout the year giving back into multiple areas of need.

For the second year of operation Rozah will be giving back to local schools in need and also will be apart of multiple local charities.  Rozah is also bringing in Canadian Made clothing in support of our local Canadians. 

If you are a local charity with an event for 2020 please email with charity details.