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The seed of Rozah Boutique began to bloom in 2016, between close sisters.  Sisters with  a great passion for fashion, clothing and the desire to feel phenomenal.  Through the blooming of Rozah we have been ignited to help all women of all sizes to feel phenomenal as well.


We hope to see our new venture grow throughout the generations and being able to passed on to our children. Rozah is more than just another store it is a way to express our love and our lessons that together we have learned as sisters, mothers, daughters and friends.

Mission Statement

Rozah’s mission is to instill confidence in the women as every woman is phenomenal. Rozah stands upon the virtues of integrity, union, and excellence in workmanship & service. We strive to create an environment and culture within our stores to unite women making them feel comfortable and welcomed. The clothes we offer are carefully selected for the wearer to feel phenomenal. This is our mission this is our promise. 

Company Values

Our company has many values including, integrity, union and excellence. These are part of the solid foundation we’ve built our brand upon. 


Integrity is a core part of our business we strive to uphold integrity in all we do. 


Our endeavour is to unite women making them feel loved and phenomenal. We want woman to recognize the crowns upon their head and the beauty within.


We strive for excellence in all we do. We believe when selling a high-end garments that excellence should be the target, we will not compromise.   


We have built our brand upon our company values to execute our mission statement. Our logo has been developed around our company values to be a constant reminder of our direction and future steps.                      




About Our Name

How our dream bloomed and Rozah was flowered.  


The sisters had been planning for months to start up a business venture together. On December 3, 2016, we were on the phone discussing this dream when Georgina, who lived in Kelowna BC at this time walked outside and noticed one of her rose bushes blooming in the snow. We were all amazed! A rose in the winter! This was our sign to move forward with our dream. At that instant we jumped right into naming our new business venture. We all agreed it must be Rose, but in Hebrew Roz. We then decided to add “ah” at the end meaning “from God”.  Rozah means Rose from God. At this time we felt it was

a made up name, however it actually has an Arabic meaning which is “to fast for God”. We sisters all being very spiritual feel that Rozah carries a very significant meaning to many, including us. We know that wherever we are we’re not alone for God is always with us.